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Werner Braun (president of CRI…. Carpet and Rug Institute) says that allergic asthmatic reactions are caused because pollutants get into people’s eyes, nose, and lungs.

If you have the same number of allergens in a room that has carpet, he says, your exposure is going to be dramatically less because the carpet acts as a beneficial filter.

But with the room with the hard surface, particles easily become airborne,

“The doctors are flat wrong, and we are in the process of trying to convince them that their recommendation (to rip out carpets) is actually hurting their patients as opposed to helping them if they are telling them to take them out,” say’s Braun. “There are dramatic differences between the numbers of materials that are released into the air from people walking on carpet as opposed to walking on hard surface.”

Carpet cleaning is important, he say’s because you want to refresh the filter-like properties of carpet so that it can continue to improve and create a healthier breathing environment.