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Carpet “What’s in their?”

It’s not everyday that someone looks down at their carpet and wonders what might actually be in their carpeting? If they’re the one who purchased it then they are most likely aware of the type of fabric(s), pre treatments and padding or cushioning that is used, after a time when dirt and debris starts to make their way indoors and into the carpeting how many people honestly give thought to the material that is now inside their carpets? For starters, if you have a pet guess what is there? There will be pet dander (dandruff which is the animals skin), hair, musty hair, saliva, fecal matter, urine (not great if you have a cat), food (pet and human), other pets dander that your pet has associated with, grass, dirt and mud.

If you have children you can count on them providing you food stains, drink spills, possible toilet type accidents on the carpeting, paint, markers, clay, mud, dirt, rocks, ink, saliva, hair, and a myriad of other items. From yourself you are contributing large amount of dead skin, your own spills and accidents with food and drink. Not to mention random soil and debris from a day of walking in various places as you go about your business. Also different bacteria that you come in contact with and this list can only get better.

You can be sure that there are dust mites and possibly fleas and their larvae if you have the aforementioned pets.

These are just a few (a few you may say in astonishment) of the many different type and manner of materials, organism and particles that are in your carpeting as you are reading this. And they will reproduce and more dust is falling there now and more dander is leaving you and your children’s and pets bodies right now.

Don’t fret too much, everyone has this, save maybe one or two if they are pet free or don’t have children, but any way you look at it, they are there.

While you still might be pondering all of the gross and worrisome materials and critters that are roaming around in their floor level city, don’t let yourself get too bothered. It is not the fact that others also have these problems but the fact that they can not harm you unless you let it get out of hand and abstain from at least a bi yearly carpet cleaning that will sanitize and freshly clean your carpeting. LearnĀ when to clean your home air ducts to avoid having health risks.

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